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Providing Opportunities

Since 2005

Hungarian Scholarship Program

The Rosztoczy Foundation awards 10 to 13 applicants every year through the Hungarian Scholarship Program.  The program financially aids students and scientists from Hungary to come to the United States for a maximum of one year to study at a University or Research Institute.  

College Promise

The Rosztoczy Foundation feels that all students at Michael Anderson School should be college ready and college bound! Through DREAM BIG, WORK HARD COLLEGE PROMISE, students who qualify, will be afforded the college opportunity they deserve.  That is the Rosztoczy Foundation College Promise!

Thank You

Ferenc E. Rosztoczy, Ph.D., Founder

August 16, 1932 - April 23, 2017 

in remembrance of


Dr. Rosztoczy has supported a great number of Hungarian Fulbright students studying all over the United States, and we are very grateful for his wisdom and generosity. His memory will be greatly served by those he has helped and his example, I hope, will be followed by many others.

Best regards on behalf of the Hungarian Fulbright community,

Karoly Jokay
Executive Director
Fulbright Commission, Hungary

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